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June 3, 2007
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Does It Hurt, Slayers by AmberPalette Does It Hurt, Slayers by AmberPalette
Submission for [link] hosted by :icondbx-1138:

Left to right, reborn ancient dragon Val Ul Copt, mazoku priest-general Xelloss Metallium, and golden dragon former priestess Filia Ul Copt.

Yes, I ship XellossXFilia because of their ridiculously obvious sexual tension in the anime. Please please do not try to make blind rationalizations otherwise. ^^; If you dislike the pairing, go ahead, you have every right to your own views, but just admit that it's really obvious and PLEASE do not waste space flaming me or explaining why you hate them ^^; I accept that other people sometimes don't prefer canon pairings, but I don't want to hear about it here. Many thanks!

Timeline post-Slayers-Try.

Xelloss is wounded. He has a nasty habit of overestimating his own capabilities...although he IS partially entitled to his extreme self-confidence, considering his incredible power. Filia mends his wounds (again, lol...she has a habit of leaping to take care of him in the anime, while at the same time ranting that she "hates" him :laughing: )

And Val, who follows Xelloss around like an imprinted duckling, lmao, touches the wound and asks with big frightened eyes, "Does it hurt?" Judging by Xel's face, it does, but he's trying to be brave, lol.

Hajime Kanzaka is da shizzle, yo. Or something. He owns these characters. Lol.
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KhazThor57 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  New member
this is soo Q. good art:D (Big Grin) 
Monkeybeat123 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013

nicely drawn :)


Asisko44 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012
Poor guy... I read the story holding my breath. And I read it to my friends too. I absolutely love it!!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

I usually draw Filia with Milgasia, but I totally understand and admit that there is something between Xellos and Filia. This is a good pairing :D :D
It's great that you made so many drawings for the story, I keep finding more and more :D Congratulations! :)
AmberPalette Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Your drawings are lovely, I've seen a few! I always see Milgasia as a father figure to Filia, but that's only my conceptualization :3

Thank you very much! These are all quite old, I should get more Slayers art out there now ^^;
Asisko44 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012
Thank you :) I never thought about Milgasia like this, but it also makes sense, well, it's probably just a matter of choice for each fan to include what they want in fanfics and fanarts :)
Definitely upload some more work! I look forward to see it :)
AmberPalette Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Yes! :) Oh thank you! :iconblushplz: I will try!
candyapple2028 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011
i love it!
AmberPalette Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
contemnosfortuna Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2011
I love these two when they fight.
AmberPalette Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
That must mean you love them all the time, lol! :D
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